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Mobdro App Download 100% Free Streaming TV App Online

20 Oct 14
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Mobdro app is a very popular app today. It is a live streaming app that allows you to stream video in high quality for free. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to without any complications.

But many times users might face issues while using this app, below listed are some of the common errors that appear and their solutions:

  1. Parse error- One of the reasons might be that the apk file you are using is corrupted or it has been partially downloaded. Mobdro App Download Another reason could be that your android operating system or hardware that you are using is lower than Android 4.1 version and thus incompatible with Mobdro app.
  2. Update- You can update the app that you are currently using to its latest version. Simply head to the Mobdro app> About > Updates. If you want to get the recent version of the application then check for Mobdro updates.

If this doesn’t work, uninstall the app and reinstall it.

  1. Download or streaming error- Once you are done with updating the app, clear cache and app data. This is because Mobdro utilizes current information and cache hence keeping all your previous actions even with the update. Though you can continue with the app and surf normally at times amid a sudden application or app crash it may lead to a corrupt format which further leads to steaming errors in Mobdro.

To clear cache just go to settings> apps> Mobdro> storage> Clear cache and clear data.

  1. No connection- This issue primarily happens when your web speed is moderate then 2 Mbps. Since Mobdro, at any rate, needs this much web speed with the goal that you don’t confront any issue while it’s application. The streaming measure relies on the video that you stream. To stream the top-notch video content, you need a rapid web speed. “No Connection Error” message on the screen can be fixed by simply keeping your web connection faster than 2 Mbps.
  2. Playback error- Many Android lollipop and other users have reported this problem often, mainly while streaming videos from the internet on Mobdro, YouTube, etc. this problem can be easily fixed. Just go to Settings> about phone> tap on Build version seven times. This will further enable developer’s option in settings.

Now, go to Settings > Developer Option and select NuPlayer or Awesome Player to empower it. Apps like Mobdro Furthermore, reboot the gadget. This technique can’t be executed for above Android 6.0 renditions since they as they are already enabled by default.

  1. “Live streaming is currently offline”- This is one of the most common errors that is experienced by many users while watching live channels and shows. To fix this error you have to download Opera VPN and activate it or follow these steps. Download Opera VPN from Google play store> connect the VPN by choosing any country server> clear all open tabs. Now open the Mobdro app, you will realize the error has been fixed.

So these are the errors you might come across while using this app. Simply follows the solutions that are mentioned above and enjoy steaming!

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