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Gmail Email Login – How to Recover Your Password and Username

08 Jun 17
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On the off chance that you are perusing this post, you plausible need to recover your Gmail email login. Which implies that in the event that you have numerous Gmail account then you have a considerable measure to do in other to guard your login points of interest, for example, utilizing Password manager.

A few of us have a considerable measure of Gmail record with various login secret word for various reason.

Much the same as I do have Gmail Email login for this blog, another for Facebook login, another for my scholarly profile (Curriculum Vitae), another for Facebook director advertisements data refresh et cetera like that.

In this way, keeping the login secret word and username of these Emails isn’t generally cool by any stretch of the imagination. Indeed, even with Google Chrome Password director despite everything I have issues once in a while with a portion of the Gmail accounts.

On the off chance that you really need to shield your Gmail email login secret word from interlopers, I prescribe utilizing watchword chief from outsider source, secret key supervisor for cell phones, for example, Android, iPhone, Windows telephone and so forth.

On the off chance that you adore Google Chrome, you can utilize Google Chrome secret word chief to spare your Gmail logins and set an ace watchword just known to you to maintain a strategic distance from protection encroachment.

What’s more, with the utilization of these, you won’t have to peruse a post showing you how to recoup Gmail email login points of interest, either secret word or username.

In any case, in the event that you are new to Google Gmail account you may need to peruse about Gmail account first and some of Google administrations, for example, Google date-book, Google drive, Google Map, Google discover my telephone, Google +, Google AdSense, Google play store to specify however few. create gmail account process

The most effective method to Recover Google Gmail Email Login Password:

At this point you ought to be acquainted with a portion of the Google benefits above in the event that you have genuinely set aside your opportunity to peruse.

Furthermore, more in this way, on the off chance that you have gone this far to peruse this far it implies you have a legitimate Gmail account with a lost secret key and you genuinely need to recover your watchword and login subtle elements.

We will make it brief as conceivable as we can BUT correct and give answer for increasing back Email logins (secret word).

On the off chance that you need to open your Google Gmail represent the first occasion when you might need to peruse our past instructional exercise on Google account that tended to how to open Gmail account and confirm it effectively.

There are a few approaches to recoup a lost Gmail secret word, in actuality I have shared seven demonstrated approaches to recover Gmail account watchword in 5 minutes.

Be that as it may, here in this post we will make it exceptionally concise, and get it. We do utilize are peruser to regularly share their troubles in the event that they read any of our posts and discover challenges in executing some other them in the remark segment and we will be happy to help your accomplish that.

1. Go to Gmail Find my record page taking after the Find my Gmail connect

2. Enter your telephone number or Email, and for this situation we will client a legitimate Email deliver for Gmail to forward your lost Gmail secret key and username confirmation code.

3. Enter the correct name (First and last name) you used to enlist the Gmail you need to recapture its login detail get to.

4. Google will forward a confirmation code to either your telephone number or the Email account your enter from the above stride and the snap next.

5. Login to the Gmail account you utilized above and duplicate the check codes sent to it for your Gmail email login account proprietor confirmation.

6. On the following page you will be incite to make another Gmail login watchword for your record, at that point delicately make another secret key to make another Gmail Email login watchword.

Google Play Store Alternatives

11 May 17
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Google Play is definitely the one stop location online to try out the latest and greatest Android programs. But there are occasions when Play Store cannot enable you to in, to get the applications you want. There are many reasons to that. Maybe, the software is not nearby for your region, the application doesn’t meet with the needs to become available in your country. Or even the Application Developer is performing a staged rollout where not all customers could get usage of the programs in the same time.

Getting these applications anyways?

This isn’t an enormous problem whatsoever. First of all, there are a variety of extra marketplaces as possible use to have use of these apps. Android’s huge userbase and diversity in the environment provides numerous locations to test Android Apps. Not only that, sometimes these choices offer advanced programs at no cost which usually would be paid on Google Play. So, first let’s up our unit to permit installation of these alternative application stores. Before Download Play Store, you should consider your present form of Android and introduce the Play Store form in like manner.

  1. Amazon App Store

It comes next to Google Play shop when it comes to recognition and it is the principal app-store on kindles along with the Fire Telephone. There is no web interface for it and you should obtain the apk for deploying it. The applications are grouped into different sections to improve learn-potential. And also to incorporate the sugar to the meal, Amazon offers one paid application for free each day which is a pretty good deal.

  1. ApkMirror

ApkMirror is popular among people who are prepared to try the latest releases in their favorite apps, which sometimes arrive on Google Play after they have already been downloaded here. This App Store nevertheless, has no standard app and users need to look at the website to get the applications. The website states that all their products are malware-free. You won’t find any paid programs on this store though.

The website is well designed as well as the process of looking and getting programs is also significant. You can search through the Latest Uploads, or look for the specific apps utilizing the search bar. On trying to find a certain app, you’re given a listing with variations of the app arranged chronologically.

  1. GetJar

If you ever held a J2ME or Symbian based unit, GetJar is nothing new to you. It is definitely the earliest app store that has ever existed. There’s the official software for GetJar however, you also can utilize it through the web interface. The website is well-organized and labeled. However the apps may not always be current.

The Software experience overall is decent because the application is apparently depending on the older Android APIs.

  1. AppBrain

If you should be seeking premium applications for free, Software Mind is the destination. Developers of the paid applications make their programs free to get a limited time-on this web site, as well as in turn, AppBrain publicizes it for them. AppBrain offers both an app along with a website to allow customers to access its list.

The AppBrain software was created remember the fact that the consumer must have total control over what the app is doing. This is the reason upon installation you’re asked if you like app mind to observe your installed programs to offer improvements. AppBrain operates somewhat differently though, if you try installing an app utilizing the AppBrain app, it would redirect one to Google Play instead.

  1. Aptoide

Aptoide is popular among Google Play Store users because the chances of getting a paid application at no cost is more when compared with AppBrain. It provides a clean screen both on the website and software. Even though the credibility of paid apps is dubious at times because so many of these are packed with ads.

On graphic criteria and UX Apptoide beats all the alternatives. The application has been developed based on the Google expectations as well as the knowledge is practically as good as the play store. On installation you are greeted with a welcome screen to get you up and running with the app’s functionality.

How to Make Movies on an IMAC

08 May 17
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The iMac, Apple’s consumer computer, is sold with media application that makes it easy to produce videos, also for those with limited experience. Using its large screen and user-friendly application, the iMac can be a computer that’s exciting to focus on. You may make films through footage from the movie camera or still photographs from a digicam. Once you have made your movie, you can burn it on a disc to share your memories with family and friends. All you need is an iMac and the application pack that is incorporated into the device.

Use an external device such a video or camera. You need to use your current product to recapture video and distribute them towards the computer for editing. iMovie comes with already installed around the iMac, and it’s also used mainly for creating simple videos due to the ease of use and user-friendly features. Open iMovie, click on new project and follow the instructions. You can also drag and drop files or images into the editing area, and iMovie will automatically add this like a world to your project.

Create a slideshow movie using iPhoto. Videos can also be made through still photos, as well as the images you’ve saved on iPhoto might be made into a slideshow in several seconds. Open iPhoto, go through the plus to remain the low left-hand corner, choose the slideshow tab, enter the subject and click develop. IPhoto will create a folder which can be seen to the menubar, specifically about the lower left-hand corner. Get photos to this folder plus they become part of the slideshow that iPhoto can automatically create. You can further tune the environment by choosing the period of the particular photo as well as the transition effects to another picture. You may also select sound files to use along with your slideshow movie. best online movie websites

Export the movie to iDVD. iMovie and iPhoto could work with iDVD to change your film into a structure that may be observed on your TV. iDVD lets you transfer your film to a DVD. On iMovie, there could be a key about the monitor which allows you to simply export your video to iDVD. For iPhoto, click the share menu and click Send to iDVD. This can open iDVD, much like exporting from the iMovie software. After that, you can use the functions on iDVD to control the video including title, and audio tracks.

Record a video using the integrated webcam through Photobooth. The program does not simply allow you to capture a still photograph; it also lets you get videos. Open Photo Booth, and you will see three keys on the left-side of this system. Click the last one from your remaining, which will be the symbol that looks like a movie reel. Click the red button to the core of the screen to recapture your video.


5 Best Highest rated Android Apps

08 May 17
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There are more than millions of numbers of apps available free for download from Google Play Store. People are very fond of using various types of apps on their Android device. Whether, it is social networking apps, games, video editing tools and music downloading app. Here in this review, I will share information with you on some of the 5 Best Highest Rated Android Apps.

5 Best Highest Rated Android Apps:

After I made some research on the trending apps that millions of Android using worldwide, I have come up with a list of 5 Best Highest Rated Android Apps. Check the listings of the name of apps that are shown below:

#1. WhatsApp:

WhatsApp is an instant free text messaging app available for download into Android devices. It lets you connect with your friends, business partners and family anytime you want. If you started missing someone send them a voice note, audio songs, and media files. whatsapp for samsung In its recent updates of WhatsApp video calling features has been added and much more.

#2. Solid Explorer File Manager:

Solid Explorer File Manager helps you to keep your files and documents. It helps you to store all the necessary data in your memory storage with a secure password lock setup. It offers you great features such as two independent panels that serve in your as the file browsers. Solid Explorer File Manager is built with rich customizations settings mode that includes the icon sets, color schemes, and themes, etc.

#3. Fleksy:

Fleksy is one of the unique and top rated keyboards available for your Android device. It is the fastest keyboard app which offers you the facility to send GIFS and also comes with customization settings mode with the powerful extensions and beautiful themes as well. Flesky is well-maintained and designs beautifully with more than 40+ of colorful themes and a total of 3 customization sizes.

#4. PhotoDirector Photo Editor App:

PhotoDirector Photo Editor App is one of the unique apps that you must have on your Android device. It is rich with photo collage, effects, filters and many other features. The photo editor app comes with easy photo editing tools by which you can adjust tone brightness, darkness, and exposure, etc. It has one of the most advanced Camera Module with Live effects.

#5. Google Play Music:

Google Play Music is a free music listening apps developed for Android devices. It is very easy to use and free to download. Google Play Music App also brings to you to amazing features such as you will be able to store more than 40,000 mp3 songs into your music library collection. Also, discover, get recommendations and then subscribe to the podcasts.

Out of the 5 Best Highest Rated Android Apps which one is your favorite one? WhatsApp is perhaps one of the top rated Android Apps from the above-mentioned App lists.

How to Make a Mini Soccer Goal

01 May 17
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Mini soccer is an excellent approach to expose children to baseball, as soccer goals, for kids, can be as easy as being a couple of sweaters being used in the place of goalposts, or a goal chalked on the brick wall. How big is the target for a little football, however, needs to be twelve feet across and six feet high. Building a target for mini basketball may be accomplished in several ways.

Make your personal basketball goal from PVC pipe for about half the price tag on a store-bought goal! Big Brother just started his next period of soccer and we’re all enjoying exercising together within the evenings. FIFA 18 Player ratings

I was amazed how simple this task really was! The hardest part was figuring out the web scenario. While there isn’t a huge difference in value, the hillbilly version is somewhat more affordable! As a whole, we spent around $30-35 total on all these goals. The last size of the goal is 5 x4 x-3.

Things You May Need

  • Tape measure
  • Wood
  • String
  • Netting
  • Drain rods
  • Old rags
  • Saw
  • Fork

Measure out along the goals using a tape measure. Dig holes, with a hand, where the goalposts must be inserted. The holes must be six inches deep and six inches in diameter.

Develop the goalposts from two bits of wood, which should be six 5 feet in-length at least. Any sturdy wood will suffice. Check that the wood is not too wide to suit into the holes made earlier. Cut off the ends of the wood having a tool where necessary. Place the wood in the holes. The articles don’t have to be a good fit, however, they ought to be strong enough to withstand impact from the ball or player. Add padding to the articles via tying old rags to them with line.

Use plumbers drain rods for the crossbar. These can link together and may be added to the top of goalposts. The crossbar must then be tied to the goalposts with string. You shouldn’t be concerned when the pipes are a long time. Provided that they come to the minimum five feet they can be employed.

Join soft netting to the frame of the goal behind the goalposts and crossbar, by using sequence. The very best netting for this function is garden netting, which can be found in landscapes to protect crops. Link the netting to both goalposts separately, linking with all the crossbar, and also wrap the netting for the center of the goal.


List Of Top 5 Laptops Under $500 Read To Know To Buy The Best One!

25 Mar 17
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Looking for quality laptop under $500 and are you of an opinion that it is tough to get laptop in this price bracket? To you are surprise you must get your facts checked as you can easily find laptops that are armed with latest technology and specifications that are budget friendly too. From ultra lightweight notebook to hybrid to convertibles, you can have all of them in your precise budget.

The market is flooded with laptops in this price range; in fact, it is difficult on the part of the buyer to have the best laptop that will meet your needs. On the contrary, if you are looking for higher specifications and quality laptops then you can go with used one as well, but it is important to choose the one that suffice the need. Now that you are still ill informed, about different laptops fret not! We have rounded for you Top 5 Laptops under $500, so that you can choose the best one that fits your needs and prerequisites.

List of top five laptops that trending in the market:

Having said that, the needs of the individual vary thus keeping your needs in mind; we have compiled the list of top five under $500 laptop budget that has enough power to get you through be it work, office or be it simple task of email correspondence, internet surfing, video streaming photo editing so on and so forth. business laptops for students Let us quickly take a dive and bring you out top five laptops so that you can invest your money on the right laptop without compromising with quality.

Asus F556UA-AB32: well, if you are someone who wants looks and stellar performance then, this is the best bet in this price point. 15.6-inch full H.D. display loaded with powerful Intel i3- 6100U 2.3 processor and it has pre installed Windows 10. Perfectly designed for striking the perfect balance of specifications that are important for work place and the same time your entertainment needs are taken care off. With its 38Whr long lasting polymer, battery retains around 80% of the battery without affecting the performance and the battery life.
Microsoft surface 3: if you are looking for convertible and detachable laptop then surface 3 is the good option in this price bracket. With 10.8 detachable laptops screen with LCD revolution, 2GB memory and 64 GB hard drive and the processor is Intel Atom xz 8700 1.6 GHZ. In built H.D graphics, video adapter it is equipped with Windows 8.1, which is, pre – installed. It is needless to mention as all the convertibles comes with touch screen and comes with multi- touch pad surface.
Dell chrome book 13: This 13-inch chrome book is outfitted with Intel core i3-5005U 2 GHZ processor it has 4GB Memory with and a 16 GB hard drive. It also has built in memory card reader for digital photography, a multi touch pad. It weighs around 3.2 lbs and apart from that, you will get 12-month warranty with 12-month technical support.
Acer aspire R15-571T- 57ZO: if you are into multi-tasking then this the perfect laptop in this price range with an Intel core i5- 62000 CPU and 8GB of RAM is indeed a good choice when it come a system that is packed with great specifications and performance as well.
Asus Vivo book E403SA: if you are looking for something, which is lightweight, yet high on performance then E403SA, is the thing for you, as it light weight stylish equipped with all high-end specification and features as well. Packed with Intel Quad Core N3700 1.6 GHz processor, 4GB RAM and fast boot time and the application performance are amazingly fast. In addition, it has great battery backup and it comes up with one-year warranty.
This compilation of Top 5 Laptops under $500 will undoubtedly help you to buy the best one thus it is imperative to cherry pick the right product keeping your needs in mind and at the same time without compromising on the quality.

#CAPACITYBUILDING Session for parents of special needs children – Star Children Initiative

10 Nov 16
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#CAPACITYBUILDING Session for parents of special needs children – Star Children Initiative

On the 1st of November we organised a beautiful #CAPACITYBUILDING Session for parents of special needs children. The participants were very pleased with the sessions and shared their amazing experiences. We all had the opportunity to learn from each other and examine how well we have progressed over the years. The main trainer of the day – Cuthbert Jack, mentioned a thought provoking quote “Never allow your discouragement to become your reality”, and it resonated well with the participants.

See pictures of the sessions below. Feel free to share this post with your friends and family. For more enquiries kindly send us an email –

special needs children 2 special needs children 4 5 6

“How I Managed The Tough Transition Process of My Son” – Grace Alexander

01 Oct 16
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“How I Managed The Tough Transition Process of My Son” – Grace Alexander

On the 30th of August 2016, While I was in haste to board an underground train @ Finsbury Park in order to attend an official event, I met one of HIP members who said she wants me to narrate my experiences regarding my son’s transition to adulthood. She also accentuated that HIP were conducting the program in collaboration with Hackney Learning Trust and SENDIAGS. I was so elated about the opportunity hence I obliged her immediately and agreed because I felt that my son’s transition to adulthood was not well-coordinated.

On the day of the event, while speaking to an enthused audience, I shared my experiences and observations regarding my son’s transition process. I stressed that the process was not well coordinated. It was very patchy. The transition process started very late when he was 17 years old, though I later realised that it ought to have started earlier, at least at the age of 14. Prior to the transition process, there was no provision of adequate information. Moreover, I was plagued with lack of financial support due to cuts to services. Every aspect of the ‘disabled young man’s life was not explored especially on how he would be spending his days. Issues such as social activities and employment opportunities were not discussed. There was clearly no effective partnership with the authorities who were supposed to coordinate the process.

Consequently, the effects of these shortcomings had a deleterious impact on the life changes of my son. Nevertheless, I was able to manage the negative impact due to my proactive, resilient and dynamic nature. Lack of proper transition process for a young disabled person will put a limit on his potentials and life opportunities. My candid recommendation for parents of young persons living with disabilities/special needs is to be the best advocates for their children and they should connect with other parents who have experienced the process, should they feel alone.

After my speech, as I was leaving the podium for my seat, the audience gave a resounding round of applause which lifted my spirit.  Many people came to me to thank me for sharing my experience regarding my son’s transition process to adulthood, they also mentioned that they were quite inspired and empowered by my advice, encouraging them to be their children’s best advocates and connect with other parents who have gone through the same experience.

On social media there were also positive feed backs regarding my speech which they found to be informative and impactful


Grace Alexander and Her Son



30 Jan 15
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It is a collective responsibility and it everyone’s business to support these extraordinary persons to strive and flourish in our society in order to improve economic circumstances and educational opportunities for them. No more Excuses, this is 21st Century

  • Our society must improve outcomes to persons with disabilities through raising wider awareness of challenges faced by children/adults with disabilities.
  • Effective national and state legislative policies in place to promote the human rights of persons with disability. The UN’s Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) states that people with disabilities have equal right to social protection that targets persons that vulnerable, poor and disadvantaged.
  • Accelerate progress on more accessible health, rehabilitation, education and support services
  • Promote more opportunities for work and employment for persons with disabilities.
  • Our government must emphasize the need to promote the empowerment of people with disabilities and their family members;



  • There are wide range of resources that can contribute to supporting the needs;

Public sectors, private sectors, NGOS, civil society and private household could forge dynamic partnership through collaborative approach and introduction of integrated services.

  • Putting political will on disability issues through the establishment of disability commission. Disability issues have been treated with levity which further reinforces the stigma these persons are facing within our society.
  • Funding is another major and critical barrier; funding mechanisms should be put in place to accelerate the progress on proving enabling environment that will improve their life chances.
  • Children with disabilities are part our future generation, it is important to also address the developmental needs of children with disabilities, collecting data on how to implement early childhood programs and policies that will protect children who are at risk of global development delay.
  • Our government must improve access to resources, improving infrastructures, facilities and provision of assistive devices that will enable them to be healthy, enjoy, achieve and make economic contribution is vital to our economic growth as a nation, thus alleviate poverty hunger.
  • Making important investments in the development of policies, program and key instruments for ensuring inclusive society
  • Data collection- developing an integrated social information system to identify children that disabled and children from social economic background. With this system, government will be able to know what type of intervention/support and what programs will be needed to implement the programs.


Conclusion: We should remember that children with disabilities are among the most vulnerable members of any society. As a nation let us capitalize on the abilities, skills, talents and capabilities of people with disabilities, proving enabling environment through the promotion of accessibility and harnessing resources that are sustainable will promote their livelihood. It is also important to integrate our economic policy with its social policy by strengthening the human capital of children/adolescents/youths with disabilities that will enable them to find employment or be employers of labour.  EVERY CHILD HAS ABILITY. DISABILITY is DIVERSITY and DIVERSITY is FUN.


01 Jan 15
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Happy Prosperous New Year Everyone, thank you for reading my weekly blog which, I hope it will enlighten you as you read, bear in mind that we welcome your comment(s), your comments are very important to us thank you.

Disability could be genetic, neurological, or could be as a result of a traumatic accident, injury or illness, these can cause behavioural changes, emotional instability, impaired cognition, poor judgement, learning disabilities, speech impairment, poor motor co-ordination and restricted mobility or no mobility at all. Disability is an evolving concept.

Raising a child with disability can be an arduous task and a complex one, if care is not taken it can affect our physical and emotional well-being as a carer. As a proud mother of child with disability,  I found out that it is a humbling experience, though I found it very touch initially, however I find the experience very interesting as time goes on, here are some few tips to safeguard for well-being as  a carer of your child living with disability.

A) There might be no cure for your son’s disability, however therapy and medication could bring improvement or minimal improvement. As a parent your love is very important  in proving an enabling environment for the child and this can give the best possible outcome.

B) Bear in mind your life will be changed forever, however we can learn to be POSITIVE about your child’s disability. For me my spirituality as a Christian helps me to be positive and be SANE. It does help me to put my son’s condition into perspective.

C)You have to learn to guide your thoughts and feelings, so as not  translate them into aggression, guilt, anger, crying and other unpleasant emotions that could descend into DEPRESSION. You have to learn to enjoy every little progress your child makes. Your positive energy significantly impact on the child’s well-being which further creates an enabling environment for your child that will enable the child to STRIVE & FLOURISH. In other words we treat ourselves with kindness instead of been regretful, feeling guilty and unhappy.

D) We can not ‘get over’ the issue that our child has disability, unfortunately, it is a reality, however we can learn how to ‘get on with it’ and enjoy your child, though this might take some time. Be sure you can work things out by finding out what works for you. Remember LIFE GOES ON.

E) As a parent of a child with disability, we can feel isolated most times especially at the initial stage of your child’s diagnosis. You need to surround yourself with parents of children with disabilities, this can be empowering. Good family support and support network are very important, As time goes on, you learn to enjoy your child’s world and life.

F) As earlier mentioned above, being a Christian works for me, I believe God works in mysterious way we cannot understand. Medical professionals, such as doctors, nurses, therapists, surgeon may tell you that your child might not progress developmentally, I want to let you know that some children with disabilities do make it through little progress each day. A child with disability can lead an independent life as he/she transits into adulthood. Keep hoping for the BEST for your Child and that keeps you going.