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01 Jan 15
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Happy Prosperous New Year Everyone, thank you for reading my weekly blog which, I hope it will enlighten you as you read, bear in mind that we welcome your comment(s), your comments are very important to us thank you.

Disability could be genetic, neurological, or could be as a result of a traumatic accident, injury or illness, these can cause behavioural changes, emotional instability, impaired cognition, poor judgement, learning disabilities, speech impairment, poor motor co-ordination and restricted mobility or no mobility at all. Disability is an evolving concept.

Raising a child with disability can be an arduous task and a complex one, if care is not taken it can affect our physical and emotional well-being as a carer. As a proud mother of child with disability,  I found out that it is a humbling experience, though I found it very touch initially, however I find the experience very interesting as time goes on, here are some few tips to safeguard for well-being as  a carer of your child living with disability.

A) There might be no cure for your son’s disability, however therapy and medication could bring improvement or minimal improvement. As a parent your love is very important  in proving an enabling environment for the child and this can give the best possible outcome.

B) Bear in mind your life will be changed forever, however we can learn to be POSITIVE about your child’s disability. For me my spirituality as a Christian helps me to be positive and be SANE. It does help me to put my son’s condition into perspective.

C)You have to learn to guide your thoughts and feelings, so as not  translate them into aggression, guilt, anger, crying and other unpleasant emotions that could descend into DEPRESSION. You have to learn to enjoy every little progress your child makes. Your positive energy significantly impact on the child’s well-being which further creates an enabling environment for your child that will enable the child to STRIVE & FLOURISH. In other words we treat ourselves with kindness instead of been regretful, feeling guilty and unhappy.

D) We can not ‘get over’ the issue that our child has disability, unfortunately, it is a reality, however we can learn how to ‘get on with it’ and enjoy your child, though this might take some time. Be sure you can work things out by finding out what works for you. Remember LIFE GOES ON.

E) As a parent of a child with disability, we can feel isolated most times especially at the initial stage of your child’s diagnosis. You need to surround yourself with parents of children with disabilities, this can be empowering. Good family support and support network are very important, As time goes on, you learn to enjoy your child’s world and life.

F) As earlier mentioned above, being a Christian works for me, I believe God works in mysterious way we cannot understand. Medical professionals, such as doctors, nurses, therapists, surgeon may tell you that your child might not progress developmentally, I want to let you know that some children with disabilities do make it through little progress each day. A child with disability can lead an independent life as he/she transits into adulthood. Keep hoping for the BEST for your Child and that keeps you going.

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