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30 Jan 15
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It is a collective responsibility and it everyone’s business to support these extraordinary persons to strive and flourish in our society in order to improve economic circumstances and educational opportunities for them. No more Excuses, this is 21st Century

  • Our society must improve outcomes to persons with disabilities through raising wider awareness of challenges faced by children/adults with disabilities.
  • Effective national and state legislative policies in place to promote the human rights of persons with disability. The UN’s Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) states that people with disabilities have equal right to social protection that targets persons that vulnerable, poor and disadvantaged.
  • Accelerate progress on more accessible health, rehabilitation, education and support services
  • Promote more opportunities for work and employment for persons with disabilities.
  • Our government must emphasize the need to promote the empowerment of people with disabilities and their family members;



  • There are wide range of resources that can contribute to supporting the needs;

Public sectors, private sectors, NGOS, civil society and private household could forge dynamic partnership through collaborative approach and introduction of integrated services.

  • Putting political will on disability issues through the establishment of disability commission. Disability issues have been treated with levity which further reinforces the stigma these persons are facing within our society.
  • Funding is another major and critical barrier; funding mechanisms should be put in place to accelerate the progress on proving enabling environment that will improve their life chances.
  • Children with disabilities are part our future generation, it is important to also address the developmental needs of children with disabilities, collecting data on how to implement early childhood programs and policies that will protect children who are at risk of global development delay.
  • Our government must improve access to resources, improving infrastructures, facilities and provision of assistive devices that will enable them to be healthy, enjoy, achieve and make economic contribution is vital to our economic growth as a nation, thus alleviate poverty hunger.
  • Making important investments in the development of policies, program and key instruments for ensuring inclusive society
  • Data collection- developing an integrated social information system to identify children that disabled and children from social economic background. With this system, government will be able to know what type of intervention/support and what programs will be needed to implement the programs.


Conclusion: We should remember that children with disabilities are among the most vulnerable members of any society. As a nation let us capitalize on the abilities, skills, talents and capabilities of people with disabilities, proving enabling environment through the promotion of accessibility and harnessing resources that are sustainable will promote their livelihood. It is also important to integrate our economic policy with its social policy by strengthening the human capital of children/adolescents/youths with disabilities that will enable them to find employment or be employers of labour.  EVERY CHILD HAS ABILITY. DISABILITY is DIVERSITY and DIVERSITY is FUN.

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