How you can help

Being a Non Profit organisation, we rely entirely on voluntary contributions from sacrificial-giving individuals and organisations to carry on this vital work. To help the organization achieving its aims, you can support by:

  • Donations in cash, or by bank transfer.
  • Give monthly by cheque or bank transfer.
  • Give in kind.
  • Helping us to organize a fund raising event.
  • Volunteer to serve in any way you can.
  • Gifts of nutritional drinks, non-perishable soft drinks/beverages, soft toys, wheelchairs, toiletries, wipes, diapers, sanitary items, disinfectants, soap and detergents are greatly appreciated and may be dropped off at our office;



Help to raise funds

Got an idea for a fund raising project? Do please contact us.

Get Involved

Awareness and information
If you are involved with a Church, Group, School, Club or Organisation whose members or staff are interested in creating or supporting disabled children who are less privileged, please contact us to arrange for a talk or presentation tailored to either young or older audiences.

To arrange a talk, click here to contact us


You can also support us by Volunteering with us, get involved and enjoy the rewards of knowing you’re helping someone less fortunate and while at it, you will also get to enjoy the company of other caring people like you!

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