What We Do


@ Star Children Development Initiative,

  • We raise awareness about the challenges faced by children with disabilities in Nigeria (0-21 years) and their parents who are also marginalised because they have children living with disabilities.
  • We improve their Quality of life through empowerment, professional advocacy and support.
  • We promote their Human Rights to Life
  • We also advocate for their Rights to Quality Education in order to maximise their potentials. They have the capacities to express and discover
  • According to UNITED NATIONS (UN) & (UNESCO), every child has a capacity to learn.We provide strategic advice around the minimum standard that will meet the varied learning needs of children with disabilities. That is why we, at Star Children Development Initiative, seek to collaborate with your organisation. We facilitate consultations with individuals, government, medical professionals, other professionals and stakeholders.
  • We facilitate and mobilise consultations with medical professionals in order to support these children’s health needs.
  • We will like to reiterate that Disability is
  • We also provide practical solutions to providing enable environment that offer opportunities for them to fully participate in our society or their respective communities.
  • We also safeguard their well-beings through promoting their accessibitys to opportunities such as health care services, Education system and other systems and services that can accelerate their life concepts.
  • We engage in collaborative approach with individuals, statutory and non-statutory organisations, medical professionals, educationists other stakeholders
  •  We also engage with other civil organization society in promoting legislative policies that will improve the lives of children with disabilities and their primary care-givers and in the areas of capacity building and knowledge. We believe this project is a collective effort in transforming the lives of these children and their parents
  • We also celebrate their abilities, creativity and talents.